Silver Brazing Alloys

Silver brazing alloys, also known as BAg alloys, are appropriate for brazing most ferrous and non-ferrous base metals. Silver brazing alloys can be divided into 2 categories: cadmium bearing and cadmium free. 

Cadmium-Free Silver Brazing Alloys

Cadmium-free silver brazing alloys use tin instead of cadmium to reduce the brazing temperature. Flux is required unless brazing in vacuum. Silver brazing alloys are available in a wide variety of forms including wire, rod, strip, and preform shapes.


Cadmium-Bearing Silver Brazing Alloys

These silver brazing alloys have long been sought for their low melt and flow temperatures. Operators must use extra caution when brazing with silver brazing alloys containing cadmium, as fumes generated upon heating are toxic and classified as a low-permissible exposure limit material by OSHA. Cadmium is a known carcinogen and exposure to cadmium fumes may result in cancer and other hazardous side effects. Whenever, possible, cadmium-free silver brazing alloys should be used.


Trimetal and Custom Laminate Brazing Alloys

Trimetal is a special 3-part alloy with layers of silver brazing alloy clad to a center layer of copper alloy (1:2:1 ratio). Trimetal brazing alloys are excellent for brazing larger carbide cutting tool parts that are prone to cracking and/or distortion due to differences in thermal expansion rates of base metals.

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