Technical Support

We support the technical brazing needs of our customers by offering on and off-site brazing assistance. Our in-house staff and sales representatives are available to support your brazing design and engineering requirements including but not limited to alloy selection, preform design and heating considerations. Bellman-Melcor also offers on-site support and troubleshooting on a case-by-case basis.

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Inventory Control and Tracking

We offer advanced order tracking, superior quality control, and an extensive inventory of brazing and soldering alloys.

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Engineering and Design Services

Since our inception, we have assisted our customers in developing comprehensive solutions to their brazing needs. 

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Distribution and Shipping

Serving over 250 customers in 20 countries, Bellman-Melcor has the experience to manage your international brazing alloy shipments. We work with the top international transportation companies to deliver your brazing alloys in a timely manner at affordable prices. Because our customers select their own carriers, their shipping objectives are always met.



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