Alloy of choice for soldering most grades of aluminum. This alloy has a long history in the manufacturing of automotive condensers and radiators as well as commercial refrigeration systems.


Melting Pt. 715 ºF
379 ºC
Flow Pt. 725 ºF
385 ºC
MBT1 800
Preform Options2 Brazing Discs 
Brazing Rings 
Brazing Shims 
Brazing Washers 
Custom Shapes 
Resale Options Brazing Rod 
Brazing Strip 
Brazing Wire
Approx. Wire Length (BCuP/lb.) (BAg/Tr.oz) 1304 in @ 0.062 diameter 
5215 in @ 0.031 diameter 
580 in @ 0.093 diameter

Physical Constants

Color Silver-Gray (Soldered)
Density 0.254 lb./cu.in


For the soldering of aluminum -especially refrigeration and automotive applications.


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Compare With


  • Brazing Temperature Range High: 765 F / 407 C
  • Brazing Temperature Range Low: 725 F / 385 C
  • Liquidus: 725 F / 385 C
  • Solidus: 715 F / 379 C



  • Zn: 98%
  • Al: 2%

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