Custom Brazing Preforms

Beyond brazing alloys, we provide a variety of industries with brazing preforms made from specialty materials. Options include ferrous and non-ferrous metal, laminates, wire cloth, perforations and synthetics

Stamped Brazing Preform

Stamped Brazing Preforms

Because we cater to a very diverse group of industries, solutions have been created solve every brazing challenge. Our unique approach to stamping technology has made Bellman-Melcor the low cost, high production leader in stamped brazing preforms.

Trimetal Shims

Plymetal Brazing Preforms

Plymetal is a “sandwich” material with braze alloy bonded to both sides of a copper strip. Standard thicknesses are .010″, .015″ and .020″. There are many industrial applications that call for the brazing of carbide to a mating surface. Often time, a plymetal (3 layer) braze alloy is the best choice. 

Plymetal Brazing Alloys Serve Two Primary Purposes:

  1. The internal layer of copper helps to absorb stress caused by the different thermal expansion properties of the metals being joined and;
  2. Since many applications involve abusive environments, the copper serves a bit like a shock absorber against impact strikes on the assembly.

Plymetal brazing alloys are used in a wide variety of applications including mining applications, single point cutting tools, burr heads and for wear resistance components.

Edgewound Brazing Preform


Not all brazing alloys are available in strip. Consequently, a conventional stamped brazing washer is not always an option. Because edgewounds originate as brazing wire, there is a greater selection of brazing alloys to choose from. Since an edgewound is a brazing wire product, there is no scrap. This makes it possible to get the geometry of a brazing washer at a much lower price. Keep in mind that there are some physical limitations to edgewounds, so consult a Bellman-Melcor representative to learn more.


Brazing Wire Forms

There are an infinite variety of brazing wire forms to choose from. At Bellman-Melcor, we have the creative experience and skilled tool room to create shapes specific to your brazing needs.

Brazing Washers

Brazing Washer Preforms

Stamped brazing washers are usually expressed with O.D. and I.D. dimensions. Some brazing washers are available in a curved shape to conform to the O.D. of a tube. With over 1,000 tooling combinations in stock, we can satisfy your requirements promptly while avoiding unnecessary expense.

Brazing Slugs

Brazing Slug Preforms

A low cost preform option, brazing slugs, while basic in shape can be used in a variety of applications. Brazing wire can be slightly flattened as a way to keep brazing slugs properly located

Brazing Rings

Brazing Ring Preforms

A wide range of wire diameters are available as small as .012″ up to .187″. The inner diameter of a brazing ring can range from .012″ to beyond 16″. There are three typical types of brazing rings:

        • I.D. Rings – A full turn of wire generally sized to the O.D. of a tube.
        • Gap Ring – Usually designed to hold in place inside a hole, also called O.D. rings, these are made slightly oversize with a defined gap. To avoid tangling, this type of brazing ring is supplied on a cardboard tube.
        • Segment Rings – This type of brazing ring is used when the components to be brazed are already assembled. A 210° segment ring can be “snapped” into the desired location. The wire diameter is adjusted to provide adequate volume for the entire braze joint.
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