ChannelFlux® Brazing Alloys

ChannelFlux® Aluminum Brazing Alloys

ChannelFlux Aluminum brazing alloys are a patented family of brazing alloys with non-corrosive flux contained in an open channel. These low temperature alloys with flux make aluminum brazing easy – visible flux activates in advance of the alloy and prevents flux voids as well as overflow of material. ChannelFlux Aluminum is currently available in 4 different alloys and a wide variety of wire diameters. It is available in wire, rod, and preformed rings.


ChannelFlux® Silver Brazing Alloys

In response to positive feedback about the benefits of brazing alloy and flux in a durable, open channel matrix, we expanded our patented ChannelFlux family of alloys to include widely used silver brazing alloys. Because the flux is in an open channel, and to insure proper wetting and prevent oxide formation, the entire flux system in ChannelFlux Silver releases in advance of the alloy flow. Visible flux prevents flux voids, and the absence of powder flux means less opportunity for contamination of equipment or the air in the work environment. ChannelFlux silver is available in diameters equivalent to .036, .040, .046, and .062. It is available in wire and preformed rings.

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