Creed Darling – Director of Technical Services

September 27, 2017

We are pleased to welcome Creed Darling to Bellman-Melcor as our new Director of Technical Services!

Prior to joining Bellman-Melcor, Creed spent 5 years in operational roles including Plant Manager and Director of Operations in the power sports and metal joining industries respectively.  Creed also spent 10 years in applications engineering and product management roles, where he was responsible for directing efforts in applications support and product development.  Based on his technical analysis and investigation, Creed has authored several technical articles and given numerous presentations in support of industry development.  He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University and is an active member of the AWS C3 committees on Brazing and Soldering.  Creed is a past Chair of the Brazing and Soldering Manufacturers Committee and the C3B Subcommittee on Soldering.

You can find Creed’s contact information here.

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