• About Prince & Izant Company

About Prince & Izant Company

Prince & Izant Company (P&I) is a global leader in the development, supply, and manufacture of metal joining and medical precious metal products and solutions. With over 91 years of expertise in brazing alloys, soldering alloys and medical precious metals, Prince & Izant delivers material solutions and exceptional technical support services to customers worldwide.

Divisions of Prince & Izant Company

Prince & Izant’s core business manufactures and supplies brazing alloys and precious metals to industrial manufacturing industries such as Automotive, Cutting Tools, Oil + Gas Exploration, HVACR, and Electrical.
NUTEC is a highly developed source of high-tech brazing alloys, high purity precious metals, and specialty materials. P&I developed NUTEC to better serve our aerospace, power generation, and electronics industry customers.
PI Medical manufactures and supplies high purity precious metals, brazing alloys (MedBrazeTM), and specialty materials to medical component and device manufacturers.
Bellman-Melcor is an industry leader in the supply and manufacture of brazing and soldering alloys, including its patented ChannelFlux® technology.




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